JD Cummings passed away in 2009.  We have a few pieces still.

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William MeisburgerKarin Olah

JD Cummings was a freelance photographer who  called the Lowcountry home for 19 years.  He is well known in the area as a teacher as well as an artist due to his years on the faculty at the Gibbes Museum Studio and his role as one of the founders of the Center for Photography in Charleston.  His images often have a solitude to them but with a sense of the human as audience.  They are haunting in their sense of presence.

He has shown his work rarely as he photographed for his own pleasure.  Corrigan Gallery was lucky to have the privilege to present his work to the world.  His photographs have appeared in several exhibits at the Gibbes Museum, the Lowcountry Heritage Society events and the Center for Photography and in Charleston Magazine.  His images are in private collections throughout the United States.  He left us with the example of letting light into one's life and a reminder to always turn around and notice the scene behind you.