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Judy Hintz Cox has been painting consistently for more than 35 years and has shown extensively throughout the United States; Kelsey Grammer is among her major collectors. She started painting while living in Lima, Peru, after serving in the Peace Corps in Ecuador. She returned to the U.S. in 1975 and in 1984, she earned a second BA in Fine Art (her first being sociology) at the University of Maryland.

She works in series and states: “I have learned it takes a minimum of 20 paintings to begin to realize the potential within any series.” She works in two different series simultaneously; one is minimalist, the other more expressionist. This method helps to keep her work fresh. The artist works in oil, encaustic and, most recently, in epoxy resin. She uses these mediums to build texture. The encaustic is melted and mixed with oil paint on the canvas. She also makes a paste out of the wax and adds it to the paint, again with the desire to show texture.

“Through the years, I have learned my paintings ‘work’ best when they are not overworked. I try to reduce each piece to the bare minimum. I start with some image in my mind and then end up scraping most of it away. The process is an attempt to find the essence within the painting. I allow parts of the under-painting, which is often just charcoal, to bleed through the canvas.”

For more of Judy Hintz Cox's work, vist her website: www.judyhintzcox.com