Egg Meditations   Yvette Dede

Yvette Dede

Egg Meditations

“Egg Meditations” is the continuation of a ten year exploration by Yvette Dede.  The graphite drawings contemplate the simple yet complex egg, delving into the mysteries of life through the spheroid shape that introduces the beginnings of life. 

Dede states, “Most things in nature are formed from a few simple elements. Paper, figure/ground, and graphite are the primary materials that shape Egg Meditations.  The ubiquitous chicken egg is the template for this series for it’s beautiful, simple, and accessible form. These poetic microcosms explore the dualities of light/dark, inside/out, structure/chaos, and shape/space. As in nature where the creative expressions seem infinite, Egg Meditations is comprised of individual entities within the context of a larger vision. They are inspired in part by the works of Agnes Martin and Eva Hesse, and to some degree, process art.  Embracing the mystical, spiritual, and inexplicable is the driving force behind this obsessive pursuit.”

The obsessive aspect of the work of which the artist speaks is the repetition of the egg as the subject for each drawing.  The repetitive mark making in each piece intensifies the sense of obsession.  If one had to choose an obsession, is not the egg the most elemental focus possible? With the obvious largess of its one end and its symmetry replicated by the artist’s hand, these small drawings on paper following the start in 2001 of Egg Meditations.  This series began as a regular practice working towards spiritual expression. The capacity to evolve that lies within us has a beginning just as the egg is a beginning that represents potential.